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A short biography of

Abdul Razak

He studied at the Wesleyan School in Mandalay, and continued his studies at the Rangoon College, earning a B.A. degree in English. He was a Muslim, but maintained ties to Buddhism, educating himself on Pali, the sacred script of Theravada Buddhism, and helped found the Mandalay College (modern Mandalay University).

U Abdul Razak

Abdul Razak


Academic Life

U Razak grew up in Mandalay at the peak of British Colonialism. Well exposed in both Buddhism and Islam, U Razak’s education was extensive having started his formal education at the Weslian Girls School in Mandalay. He was transferred to the Boy School and proved to be an outstanding student. He eventually joined Rangoon University in 1914. Sadly, because he joined a student strike, he was barred to continue his studies for two years. He was only able to finish his college degree in 1922 from the Bahan National College. After which, he laboriously started working in the academe in Mandalay to which he will be forever referred to as Sayagyi U Razak. Before joining Aung San’s interim government, he was a headmaster.


Then-Thakin Aung San met Sayagyi U Razak in Mandalay in 1938 when Aung San was introduced to him by U Razak’s previous student and Aung San’s comrade, Thakin Ba Hein. The Japanese Occupation saw the arrest of Sayagyi U Razak. This was due to his close ties with Aung San, having been offered a position as in the Department of Education of Defense Services. Once in prison, his former students contacted him and a plan to rescue him out of jail was made. With the closing of the Japanese War Theatre, Sayagyi U Razak was made the Chairman of the All Upper Burma Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League. During the interim government of Aung San, Sayagyi U Razak held the position of Minister of Education and National Planning.


He will hold this position until his assassination, together with Aung San and several other cabinet members on the day of 19 July 1947.

Quick Fact

  • Name - Abdul Razak
  • Occupation - Burmese Politician, Educationalist and Minister
  • Birth Date - January 20, 1898
  • Death Date - July 19, 1947
  • Education - B.A. (English), Bahan National College
  • Place of Birth - Mandalay, Myanmar
  • Place of Death - Yangon, Myanmar
  • Resting Place - Marmed Jahn Sunni Jamah Mosque, Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San


Dee Dok U Ba Cho

Minister of Information

Mahn Ba Khaing

Minister of Industry and labor

U Ba Win

Minister of Trade

Thakin Mya

Minister Without Portfolio

Abdul Razak

Minister of Education and National Planning

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun

Minister of Hills Regions

U Ohn Maung

Secretary of State Transport

Ye Baw Ko Htwe

Razak's bodyguard