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The Secretariat Conservation Group

The "Secretariat Conservation Group" is the first Heritage Conservation Group in Myanmar which was formed by a group of local concerned companies who came together , to restore the most majestic national treasure of Myanmar with its strong and rich historical , cultural background which was commonly known as The Secretariat (Minister’s Office).

A team of highly skilled and experienced experts from Myanmar and oversea has been recruited and gathered, trained in all aspects of building restoration and preservation, the team takes great pride in the restoration and preservation of the excellence in the workmanship and building skills of past years.

Our team’s integrated cross-disciplinary approach ensures that the right people are matched with this historic project, in the balancing act of intellectual rigour with real world pragmatism.

We believe passionately in protecting and maintaining the cultural and historical elements of our old buildings, for both the present and future generations to enjoy and this commitment is reflected in the quality of the craftsmanship from stonemasonry to carpentry, joinery to plastering skills of yesteryears.

We also believe that cultural heritage plays a very important role in the building of a strong, resilient and sustainable society. The stories and places of our history are integral to that of our future too.

This project has raised challenging issues but our team has enjoyed the task of solving the complex issues raised as we feel that this work ensure our heritage to provide an enduring value for our clients and the broader community.

The objective of this Secretariat Conservation Group was formed to provide advice on how to manage, adapt, celebrate, conserve, interpret and preserve and develop our heritage to ensure the best possible outcome is reached so that the Secretariat, will be there in all its former splendor for now and in the years to come.