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A short biography of

Dee Dok U Ba Cho

Born in Myaung Mya on 24 April 1893 to a traditional medicine man and a mother of royal Mon descent, Maung Ba Cho was the youngest of four siblings.

U Ba Cho

Dee Dok U Ba Cho


Student and Academic Teaching Life

Maung Ba Cho’s academic life started at Sayar U Maung Maung’s primary school at Myaungmya. After showing academic excellence, he was moved to St. Paul High School. However, he was not to complete his baccalaureate, having been forced to drop out of college due to an eye disease. Having been very much inclined in academic exploits, he soon served at multiple academic schools teaching the Pali language and working as a Township Education Officer.


In his latest position as Education Officer, he wrote poems about Myanmar culture. He eventually worked as a secretary in a local social organization. U Ba Cho wrote the “Paccaya Lekha Treatise” under the pen name Deedot. During this time, he resigned from the position of Education Officer and went to teach at Bahan National College as an assistant to Prof. Saya Lun.


After the college collapsed in 1924, U Ba Cho became impoverished. To rise above this predicament, he tried to work as a national school teacher at Thayet Taw National School while at the same publishing the weekly “Deedot Newspaper”. On 1925, U Ba Cho led multiple publishing companies in Myanmar to help funeral arrangements for Supayalat’s funeral. U Ba Cho was able to combine his excellent writing skills and his love for the Myanmar music industry. He has worked very closely with Myanmar’s leading musicians of his time to which he has written countless of publications.


In the tough years of economic upheavals by the closing of colonial rule in Myanmar, U Ba Cho saw himself assisting strikers, teaching in the National University, and publishing like he has never done before. Before Myanmar was placed in the middle of Japan’s War Theatre, U Ba Cho took the chairmanship of the Myanmar Writers Association.


During the Second World War, U Ba Cho moved his family to Shwebo. Working for the Thakins underground, he as was prominent in the anti-Fascisct movement. With bombs being dropped and bullets being fired, U Ba Cho has never stop writing producing literature and music during this era. With the work that he has done for the betterment of the country, U Ba Cho was appointed Minister of Information during Bogyoke Aung San’s interim government. In the faithful day of 19 July 1947, assassins massacred Aung San and his ministers of which U Ba Cho was one of them.

Quick Fact

  • Name - Ba Cho
  • Occupation - Burmese Newspaper Publisher, Writer, Politician and Minister
  • Birth Date - April 24, 1893
  • Death Date - July 19, 1947
  • Education - High School
  • Place of Birth - Myaung Mya, Myanmar
  • Place of Death - Yangon, Myanmar
  • Resting Place - Martyrs' Mausoleum, Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San


Dee Dok U Ba Cho

Minister of Information

Mahn Ba Khaing

Minister of Industry and labor

U Ba Win

Minister of Trade

Thakin Mya

Minister Without Portfolio

Abdul Razak

Minister of Education and National Planning

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun

Minister of Hills Regions

U Ohn Maung

Secretary of State Transport

Ye Baw Ko Htwe

Razak's bodyguard