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Period of Burma Office

The administrative reforms Led to the separation of Burma from India and the new Burma Office came to existence on 1st April 1937. Cabinet was in the form of coalition government and Dr. Ba Maw became the Chief Minister of Cabinet.
The new constitution set up two chambers of parliament, a senate half-nominated by the Governor and elected for House of Representatives. There were 36 seats for senate and 132 seats for House of Representatives.
In Administrative branch, Head of the Cabinet was –

  • Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane (Governor)
  • Dr. Ba Maw (Premier)
  • Shwe Kyin U Pu (Minister of Forestry)
  • U Paw Tun (Minister of Home Affairs)
  • Thayarwaddy U Maung Maung (Minister of Education)
  • U Htun Aung Kyaw (Minister of Commerce)
  • Saw Pe Thar (Minister of Revenue)
  • Daw Saw Sa (F.R.C.S) was the very first lady M.P in the Senate
Students went on strike the Government in order to protest about putting their leaders under arrest. Striking students picketed the Secretariat on 20th December 1938. Picketers were involved in violent clashes with the police and Ko Aung Kyaw, one of student's leader got grievous hurt. Ko Aung Kyaw died of severe brain trauma on 22nd December 1938.
World War II broke out on 1st September 1939.
Members of the House of Representatives in State Parliament impeached Dr. Ba Maw's prowess. By putting the proposal to the vote, Dr. Ba Maw was dismissed.
The second coalition government led by U Pu came into action on 20 February 1939.