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A short biography of

Mahn Ba Khine

Mahn Ba Khaing was a Burmese politician who served as the Minister of Industry in Myanmar's pre-independence government. He served as chairman of the Karen Youth Organisation.

Mahn Ba Khine

Mahn Ba Khine


Early Young Life

Son of a village headman of Yuntalin Village, Mahn Ba Khine grew up in the Irrawaddy Delta area. He was exposed to an American education through missionaries who established a primary school at Henzada. Between 1920 and 1923, Mahn Ba Khine joined A Scot Soft Drink Company. Having shown diligence at work, he was promoted as Assistant Manager. However, due to ethnic issues and discrimination in his company, Mahn Ba Khine resigned.

Community Services

Always wanting to give back to his community and help his fellow Karens, he established a Karen school and led multiple social activities. He eventually helped in establishing Mon-Karen Associations throughout the delta. With the community work that he was known for in the Delta Area, Mahn Ba Khine was appointed member of Parliament after the 1936 elections. However, with the advent of the Japanese Occupation, he eventually ceased civil service work and started trading related to sending bananas from Henzada to Yangon.


Mahn Ba Khine was able to meet Aung San in 1940 when he helped smuggle the young Thakin to Yangon in his banana-laden boat after a warrant has been issued to arrest Thakin Aung San due to sedition charges. Still working in the transportation of bananas, Mahn Ba Khine saw the horrors brought by the Japanese during the Second World War. He eventually joined the resistance movement taking the name Bo Khin Win. With his great leadership skills, Mahn Ba Khine together with Saya Tha Hto became representatives of the Karens at the Central Executive Committee. By the end of the Japanese Occupation, Mahn Ba Khone was elected chairman of the Karen Central Organization.

Panglong Agreement

Representing the Karens, Mahn Ba Khine voiced his agreement to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Panglong Agreement. Together with other Karen member leaders who joined the conference, they signed the formation of the Union. However, he would not see his work come to total fruition. On 19 July 1947 when Mahn Ba Khine, together with Aung San and other ministers were assassinated.

Quick Fact

  • Name - Mahn Ba Khine
  • Occupation - Burmese Politician, Minister
  • Birth Date - October 26, 1903
  • Death Date - July 19, 1947
  • Education - High School
  • Place of Birth - Irrawaddy, Myanmar
  • Place of Death - Yangon, Myanmar
  • Resting Place - Martyrs' Mausoleum, Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San


Dee Dok U Ba Cho

Minister of Information

Mahn Ba Khaing

Minister of Industry and labor

U Ba Win

Minister of Trade

Thakin Mya

Minister Without Portfolio

Abdul Razak

Minister of Education and National Planning

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun

Minister of Hills Regions

U Ohn Maung

Secretary of State Transport

Ye Baw Ko Htwe

Razak's bodyguard