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A short biography of

U Ohn Maung

He was the main political alliance in Burma from 1945 until 1958, the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League (AFPFL)

U Ohn Maung

U Ohn Maung


Student Life

Born in Magwe, Maung Ohn Maung started his education at the Minbu Government State High School where Ko Ba Gyan, who will eventually be one of the 30 Comrades, was also studying. Maung Ohn Maung joined Yangon University in 1930. During his time in college, he was a famous sharpshooter. After finishing college in 1934, Maung Ohn Maung pursued further studies and went to Jesus College at Oxford University in England.


Armed with the education that he has attained overseas, Maung Ohn Maung returned to Burma and joined the civil service in multiple positions, having served as Assistant Secretary of Trade by the time the Japanese entered Myanmar. With the closing of World War II, U Ohn Maung continued serving the country in civil service as the Second Secretary of Transport and Communication. On the tragic day of 19 July 1947, to which he was asked to attend in behalf of Saw San Po Thin who was his minister, U Ohn Maung was gunned to death by assassins together with Aung San and his other cabinet members.

Quick Fact

  • Name - U Ohn Maung
  • Occupation - Politician, Deputy Minister
  • Birth Date - February 2, 1913
  • Death Date - July 20, 1947
  • Education - High School
  • Place of Birth - SMagwe, Myanmar
  • Place of Death - Yangon, Myanmar
  • Resting Place - Martyrs' Mausoleum, Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San


Dee Dok U Ba Cho

Minister of Information

Mahn Ba Khaing

Minister of Industry and labor

U Ba Win

Minister of Trade

Thakin Mya

Minister Without Portfolio

Abdul Razak

Minister of Education and National Planning

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun

Minister of Hills Regions

U Ohn Maung

Secretary of State Transport

Ye Baw Ko Htwe

Razak's bodyguard