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A short biography of

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun

He was a signatory to the Panglong Agreement that was the basis for the formation of modern Myanmar.

Sao San Htun

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun


Family and Education

A Shan royalty, Sao San Htun was born as Sao Thar Htun, the son of the ruler of Mai Pun Myo. Having been born as a royal, Sao San Htun joined the then-exclusive Shan Sao Bwars’ sons High School at Taunggyi. Immediately after finishing his matriculation, he joined multiple civil service positions culminating to him inheriting the position of his father as “Saw Bwar” of Mai Pun on 27 June 1928. Being one of the rulers of the Shan States, Mai Pun Saw Bwar was a member of the “Sao Phalon Council”, the ruling committee of princes for Shan State.

Political Work

The end of the Japanese Occupation saw greater democratization and political changes in Myanmar. Together with other Shan leaders, Mai Pun Saw Bwar, together with other Shan princes, Aung San, and other ethnic leaders signed the formation of the union at Panglong in 1947. Sadly, the “Lord of the Sky”, the direct English translation of Sao San Htun’s princely title, perished together with Aung San and his other ministers after assassins shot at them during a cabinet meeting.

Quick Fact

  • Name - Sao San Htun
  • Occupation - Chief of the Shan State of Mongpawn and Minister of Hill Regions
  • Birth Date - May 31, 1907
  • Death Date - July 20, 1947
  • Education - High School
  • Place of Birth - Shan State, Myanmar
  • Place of Death - Yangon, Myanmar
  • Resting Place - Martyrs' Mausoleum, Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San


Dee Dok U Ba Cho

Minister of Information

Mahn Ba Khaing

Minister of Industry and labor

U Ba Win

Minister of Trade

Thakin Mya

Minister Without Portfolio

Abdul Razak

Minister of Education and National Planning

Mai Pun Saw Bwar Sao San Htun

Minister of Hills Regions

U Ohn Maung

Secretary of State Transport

Ye Baw Ko Htwe

Razak's bodyguard