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A short biography of

Thakin Mya

Thakin Mya was a Burmese lawyer and politician who served as the Minister of Interior and aided Myanmar’s revered leader General Aung San. Thakin Mya was assassinated along with him and other leaders on the 19th of July 1947.

Thakin Mya

Thakin Mya



Born in Htone Bo, Pyay District, Bago Division in 1897, Thakin Mya (nee Maung Mya Shwe) studied Chemistry and Law at Yangon University before participating in political movements for independence. He served as the Minister of Interior in Myanmar’s pre-independence government. On July 19th 1947, he was assassinated in Yangon along with the fathers of Burmese independence including General Aung San.

Student Life

Maung Mya was born on the 7th of October, 1897 in Htone Bo, Myanmar. His father, U Pho Chan was a timber trader and his mother, Daw Thet Lae died when he was three years old. From the onset of his schooling in a vernacular primary school in Htone Bo in 1903, he was a brilliant learner. After he graduating from high school with honors, Maung Mya joined Yangon College in the academic year 1915-1916 to study Intermediate Science. During his student life, he was politically active, joining the first Student Union Club of Myanmar, taking on the duty of Secretary of the Club in 1918- 1919. In 1920, he led the first student strike as vice chairman of the Strike Council, protesting against the Yangon University Act. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (Chemistry Honors) from Yangon University in 1924.


After graduating from Yangon University, Thakin Mya worked as a school teacher for three years. He then attended Yangon University from 1926 to 1927 to do a law course and earned his law degree in 1927. He married Ma Khin Nyunt on March 26th 1926. He started working as a Barrister-at-Law in 1927. During his career, he participated in politics and assumed the role of a politician.


In 1934, he joined Do Bamar Asiayone (“We Burmese Association”) led by Buddhist nationalists with fresh political ideas. Its members used the Burmese word "Thakin" (Master) as their honorific rather than the title U or Maung, as Thakin was the word traditionally used to address the British. Thakin Mya was appointed Vice Chairman of Tharyarwaddy District Do Bamar Asiayone in 1935. When he became a member of parliament, he put up vehement demands on behalf of the oil field workers, bringing their grievances to light as well as the unfair treatment suffered by government authorities. Thakin Mya’s demands were not met. In protest, he and Thakin Ant Gyi resigned as members of parliament. After his resignation, he went on to participate in many political organizations.Thakin Mya was recruited by BIA (Burmese Independent Army) troops which were to fight for Myanmar’s Independence from the British Government with the help of the Japanese Army.


On August 1st, 1943, the Independence of Myanmar was strategically proclaimed by the Japanese government though the independence was merely nominal. Thakin Mya became the minister of Interior in Government (Home Affairs) led by Doctor Ba Maw. When the Japanese troops retreated from Myanmar on the 23rd of April 1945, Dr. Ba Maw and his ministers left Yangon along with the Japanese, Tha Kin Mya left for Mudon, a few miles from Mawlamyaing, instead.


Thakin Mya established and led the Burma Socialist Party on 1st September 1945. He was the Central Executive Member of the AFPFL (Anti-Fascist Peoples' Freedom League) from 1946 to 1947. He was a Minister of Finance and Revenue in the British Governor's Executive Council for the Interim Government. A delegation led by Bogyoke Aung San was invited by the British Government in London to lay down the terms of Myanmar's independence, known as the Aung San-Attlee Agreement. He was one the members of the delegation. He was Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee and took the Chair of the Constituent Assembly. Thakin Mya was killed along with the martyred leaders on 19th July 1947.

Quick Fact

  • Name - Thakin Mya
  • Occupation - Lawyer, Politician and Minister
  • Birth Date - October 7, 1897
  • Death Date - July 19, 1947
  • Education - B.Sc(Chemistry Honors), LLB
  • Place of Birth - Htone Bo,Myanmar
  • Place of Death - Yangon, Myanmar
  • Resting Place - Martyrs' Mausoleum, Yangon

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Thakin Mya

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