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the Second coalition government led by U Pu

In Administrative branch, Head of Executive Council was –

  • Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane (Governor)
  • U Pu (The Premier)
  • Saw Po Chit (Minister of Education)
  • Mr. H.C. Khue (Minister of Forestry)
  • U Htun Aung Kyaw (Minister of Finance)
  • U Khunt (Minister of Commerce)
  • U Paw Tun (Minister of Revenue)
  • U Ba Pe (Minister of Home Affairs)
Galon U Saw became the Minister of agriculture and forestry on 30 May 1939.After removal of U Ba Pe from his post, the Premier U Pu recruited his cabinet
Government issued a warrant for Thakin Aung San's arrest with a five rupees reward attached to it. ON 29 August 1940, House of Representatives concurred to erase the charge against Thakin Aung San.
U Ba Pe (former Minister of Home Affairs) impeached the Premier U Pu for incompetence of his cabinet. The committees listened to the proposal and decided to vote for it. There were total 81 votes and 32 votes against the proposal. So U Pu resigned as the Premier after 18 months.
On 2nd October 1940, the Legislative body urged the British Government to make a promise of 'guaranteeing Burma's Independence from the UK'.
Sir Dorman Smith's inauguration as new Governor was on 4th May 1941.
The INDO – BURMA immigration agreement was signed at the Secretariat Building.
The leader of the representatives of Burma was Galon U Saw.
On December 23rd came the first Japanese air attacks on Rangoon and a gain on 25th February 1942.
On 28th February 1942, British Government gave an order for high officials to be evacuated from Rangoon.